Every project is unique and exciting. As a result, we don't have standardized pricing for all of our service offerings. One day could see us shooting aerial photo and video for a charitable event, the next day could involve aerial mapping a multi-acre pit to collect stockpile measurement data.

We weigh variables such as project duration, complexity, equipment needed, logistical preparation, location and risk factor when coming to a dollar value. We work quickly and diligently to come to an agreement that works for everyone, because we're not happy until you're happy.


Niagara Falls Illumination

Our Niagara Falls Illumination project demonstrates how these aforementioned variables influence our quotes. This operation involved a multitude of factors that we had to carefully consider, during the planning process. Click on the icons below to see details.

Identifying these factors, communicating with governing bodies involved in the operation and relaying all information to our client helped us reach a quote they were happy with. 


Real Estate

Real Estate Incentive Program

Real estate is an industry in which we have seen uniformity with respect to our aerial services. As a result, we've developed a Real Estate Incentive Program, rewarding clients the more they work with us.