Drone regulations changed June 1st, 2019.

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Since 2016 we’ve helped organizations of all sizes leverage drone imagery and data collection, bringing their business to new heights. Literally.


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Aside from the end-product itself, clients quickly realize the time efficiency and cost-saving benefits of our aerial services. We also alleviate a great amount of workplace safety and liability concerns.

We work closely with Transport Canada, ensuring you peace-of-mind for whatever your project involves. We're also certified and insured, allowing us to legally offer our extensive portfolio of aerial services with drones. If you decide to look elsewhere, it's all good. Just ensure that you are protected from improper use of drones for business purposes. 


Certification & Insurance


 Using drones for business purposes in North America requires certain certifications from Transport Canada (TC) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), as well as insurance. We've taken care of these details, with TC and FAA permission to operate almost anywhere, and insurance policies significantly higher than industry minimums. To find out more, click here.


Joel Batters

President & Chief Executive Officer

Joel founded Lone Drone Solutions in May of 2016. He oversees all of the moving parts that make LDS successful, ensuring continued growth and success for both the company and their valued clients. While frequently occupied with computer work, phone and conference calls, Joel gets out to projects and pilots drones as much as he can. His understanding of the RPAS/UAV industry in Canada led to establishing a lot of internal procedures and protocol that helps set LDS apart from the competition.

Building a successful brand means offering top-notch products and services, made possible by listening closely to consumer demands. This is the foundation on which Joel has built Lone Drone Solutions. Projects are always executed safely and professionally, leaving clients feeling truly valued, educated and involved during every phase of work.

Email: joel@lonedronesolutions.com


Jonathan Clarke

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan oversees operational and technological aspects of LDS. Jonathan leads with the usage of back-end technologies that allow drone imagery and data to be used to draw meaningful analysis and actionable insights for customer of LDS. Being from the US, he has spearheaded LDS presence in international markets and is an expert in UAV regulations that are required to perform work outside of Canada.

His sound knowledge of operational requirements across various industries coupled with his technical aptitude have helped position LDS with proprietary back-end technology and value-adds for enterprise-level projects. Jonathan has the unique and ever-sought-after balance of being a total people-person with advanced technical know-how.

Email: jonathan@lonedronesolutions.com

andrew lds.jpg

Andrew O'Keefe-Markman

Operations Coordinator, RPAS Pilot Lead

Andrew is a seasoned UAV Pilot with over 100 hours of flight experience. He has flown a variety of aircraft we regularly utilize, and is well-versed in logistical coordination with the appropriate governing bodies that allow our projects to come to fruition. Andrew is also one of our leaders trained in aeronautical radio, alleviating concerns associated with high-density urban and restricted airspace operations.

Andrew is responsible for industrial piloting and data-intensive operations throughout the Ottawa region and beyond. He establishes meaningful relationships with customers while educating them on the benefits of incorporating drone technology into their workflow, beyond pictures and video. Andrew embodies what LDS is all about; service, education and experience.


Shane Elsey

RPAS Pilot

Shane lives and breathes creativity and art, having explored the world to pursue his passion of photography. With over 20 years of photography experience , Shane takes great pride in capturing the true style and spirit of his subjects. Through engaging and listening to his clients he has captured beautifully, detailed timeless images while creating a joyful relaxed atmosphere.

Shane translates his keen eye for collecting unparalleled content from the ground to the sky. Managing marketing projects and small to large venues, he immerses our tools into the subject matter in a way that pulls the true feelings and experiences from the operation, delivering to clients more than pictures and videos.

We have a number of additional RPAS pilots to assist with projects of all sizes, and we are always looking for ambitious, experienced and client-focused talent to help us grow. If this sounds like you, please contact us.


We utilize the most technologically advanced, professional-grade drones on the market. Each operation can be very different, so we ensure that the equipment we use is optimally suitable for your specific project. Click on a drone to learn more about it.



Every project is unique and exciting. As a result, we don't have standardized pricing for all of our service offerings. One day could see us shooting aerial photo and video for a charitable event, the next day could involve aerial mapping a multi-acre pit to collect stockpile measurement data.

We weigh variables such as project duration, complexity, equipment needed, logistical preparation, location and risk factor when coming to a dollar value. We work quickly and diligently to come to an agreement that works for everyone, because we're not happy until you're happy.


Niagara Falls Illumination

Our Niagara Falls Illumination project demonstrates how these aforementioned variables influence our quotes. This operation involved a multitude of factors that we had to carefully consider, during the planning process. Click on the icons below to see details.

Identifying these factors, communicating with governing bodies involved in the operation and relaying all information to our client helped us reach a quote they were happy with. 


Real Estate

Real Estate Incentive Program

Real estate is an industry in which we have seen uniformity with respect to our aerial services. As a result, we've developed a Real Estate Incentive Program, rewarding clients the more they work with us.