We work with amazing individuals and organizations across diverse business sectors, which is a testament to the quality of our work. Below are some of our awesome clients.


Industries & Working Sectors

Individuals and organizations of all sizes are realizing the value-added propositions that drones offer.

Here are some applications we service: 

Aerial Surveying / Mapping

From quarries and mines to road/rail, buildings and bridges, clients greatly reduce field time and overall surveying time while maintaining a high degree of survey accuracy. Achieve cm-grade, absolute accuracy (RMS) down to 2 cm on the vertical (z) axis.

Increase terrain measurement density and redundancy, with ground sampling distances to 0.5cm/pixel. Export precise bare earth models, digital elevation and surface models, orthomosaics and 3D models as final deliverables in CAD and a multitude of GIS software. Share your results cross-functionally with other teams and colleagues, with fully annotatable and manipulable data.

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Aggregates / Mining

With drone-based surveying & mapping, mining clients have optimized layouts of their mining facilities and infrastructure, thanks to regularly updated basemaps. Permitting and application processes are more streamlined thanks to high-resolution maps and accurate 3D models of sites, shareable with permitting authorities. Data of sites spanning even thousands of acres is collected in a fraction of the time versus traditional methodologies.

With state-of-the-art drone and post-processing softwares, areas, volumes and other measurements are identified with accuracy to within 3 cm (No Ground Control) and down to within 2 cm (with Ground Control). With bulk density factors of material types, net tonnage is quickly calculated to ensure inventory control measures have been met. Collected data is also exportable to a multitude of outputs and many file types.

Asset / Critical Infrastructure

We identify deficiencies and irregularities quicker and safer, providing you with deeper and more actionable insights than anyone else. Period.

Reduce energy costs with hi-res and thermal imaging of insulation inefficiencies, with further sub-surface data collection such as RF leakage identification and other payload options.

High accuracy, geo-referenced reporting of your entire infrastructure and components uses AI, predictive analytics, machine learning and computer vision algorithms identify risks before they are critical.

Hazardous & Confined Space

Our drones go into places where people shouldn’t need to go. We quickly identify cracking, corrosion and other asset anomalies, allowing for detailed integrity assessment of often dangerous conditions.

Worker safety is completely mitigated thanks to carrying out the operation from safe distances and locations. Inspection and maintenance costs are greatly reduced since traditional project costs are eliminated, including scaffolding, boom lifts, hazmat gear, worker insurance costs and more.

Construction / BIM

Increase workflow to meet project deadlines while saving money. Clients track work progress with accurate, intuitive project data and insights which include a multitude of measurement data and fully annotatable design models. Our technology also makes a profound impact on BIM verification, automatic verification of as-built data, progress/project documentation and more.

EMS / Search & Rescue

Our aerial experience and technology has allowed for valuable partnerships with search & rescue teams everywhere. First responders, government bodies and private firms expedite their search efforts with increased coverage of vast terrain much quicker, regardless of weather conditions.

We’re able to relay critical information such as GPS and physical locations while identifying hazards and obstacles for relief crews, in real-time. Interchangeable payloads mean a variety of tools (thermal & HD imagery, payload dropping capabilities) are readily accessible when help arrives.


Conduct shade analysis for solar panel installations, create design layouts, and plan projects with direct exporting to CAD and other platforms. Locate hot spots and faulty cells, structural fractures and other abnormalities; all auto-imported into proprietary risk-assessment reporting.

Infrared and HD 180x zoom image tagging yields high accuracy and real-time analysis, before even returning to the office. Pre-maintenance inspections identify premature issues, minimizing costs down the road.

Corridor mapping allows for high accuracy photogrammetric surveys of proposed/existing infrastructure, with vertical accuracies down to within centimetres. Gather orthomosaics and point-cloud surveys in .shp to better plan, design and manipulate data for construction/reconstruction planning.


Gather content from innovative perspectives, previously reserved for costly, dangerous helicopter operations. Tell a more effective story by allowing your audience to engage with you in a new way.

With live-streaming capabilities to a multitude of social media platforms, your brand can better attract attention on a global scale.

Combine aerial content with our available in-house ground photo/video and pre/post-production services, for completely turnkey marketing and advertising solutions.

Precision Agriculture

Realize improved crop yields thanks to efficient drone-based spraying. Our equipment covers vast land sizes in a fraction of the time versus traditional spraying techniques.

Clients better manage their irrigation efforts with thermal imaging and plant health monitoring services, greatly reducing operational costs.

Leveraging numerous agri-specific algorithms, we’re even able to perform crop counting and gather other yield data. Combine these offerings with available soil-sampling offerings and you have complete end-to-end crop analysis and reporting solutions.

Real Estate

Drone usage in real estate allows for an entirely new story to be told to buyers/sellers as well as real estate agents/brokers. Showcase entirely new vantage points of homes and properties. See an entire lot or acreage in one shot, giving prospective buyers a better idea of the property area, features and home size.

Market the property location compared to surrounding points of interest and highlight the area’s unique geography, previously unseen. Clients also appreciate perspectives that showcase nearby schools, shopping, parks and roadways, all from the proximity of their home-to-be.

Small - Large Venues

Show off venue size and scope, locational features, landmarks, geography and unique event features in immersive, stunning resolution up to 6K CinemaDNG at 60fps. With Hollywood-level image and video processing technology, your memorable event moments are remembered like never before.

Drone technology also adds value to security and logistical efforts. Better monitor venue security with aerial scanning of perimeters and IR sensing. Increase logistical preparation and event space usage with property mapping and measuring.


Safety first. Always. Exponentially reduce this concern with respect to harmful electromagnetic waves, live circuit exposure, open flames and working at heights. As a result of this mitigation, zero shutdown times also mean huge cost savings from live inspection.

Collect thermal, IR, RF and 180x zoom hi-res data simultaneously and unattainable from climbing alone. Adding real-time reporting and consulting from a nearby onsite safe location, clients immediately understand asset health for immediate maintenance planning.

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Recent Projects:



LDS was able to collect important data pertaining to volumetric information of a quarry in northern Ontario, to identify inventory levels at month-end. Data collection results yielded discrepancies in material amounts and billing shortfalls.


Asset Management / Infrastructure

A major telecomm tower manufacturer needed another perspective for generating reports of their tower conditions as well as the equipment mounted to them. We were able to generate a more accurate report with HD imagery in significantly less time than traditional inspection methods, while mitigating safety concerns.



A firm overseeing the construction and development of commercial real estate space in Southwestern Ontario contacted us for aerial data and measurements, helping lower operational costs. One key finding we provided them was topographic data for BIM management during the pre-construction phase.



A major music festival joined forces with us to further promote their venue in an innovative way. We were able to showcase the entire site, massive crowds and all-day fun, with professional post-production. The client received a complete turn-key promotional package with rapid turn-around time.