Competition is growing, but we're a really good way. Here's how:


Technology & Equipment

It's not only the drone that creates value. It's accessing cutting edge equipment for drones that you won't find elsewhere, such as RF sensors, methane sensors, multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing and LiDAR.

Our drones are only vehicles for leveraging deeper data collection methods than traditional, more basic ones. See beyond pictures and video, to truly discover how our technology will deliver you more detailed and accurate data. All the while being quicker, safer and more cost-effective. 

End-to-end solutions

Solutions is the most important part of our name. It's what LDS is all about. If we're not completely solving your pain, we're not doing our job. Fortune 500 companies choose us because we put the pieces of their puzzle together, in its entirety.

LDS is much more than people who know how to fly drones. We leverage seasoned experts and technology across a multitude of industries, on every project. Find out how by clicking here.


Back-End technology

The 'magic' happens after the operation. Our back-end technologies make this magic a reality. Achieve deeper insights through mapping/surveying, asset inspections such as power lines and wind turbines, as well as simultaneous data collection and reporting in a number of scenarios.

With predictive analytics, AI and machine learning algorithms complementing drone operations, our customers identify irregularities and acquire more intuitive data of their assets, before problems occur.