Joel Batters

Finance, Business Development

Joel founded Lone Drone Solutions in May of 2016, while working full-time for a large Canadian financial institution. While he has continued to play an active role in business development, he is primarily involved with financial and operational components of LDS. His understanding of the UAV industry in Canada led to establishing a lot of internal procedures and protocol that helps set us apart from our competition.

Building a successful brand means offering top-notch products and services, made possible by listening closely to consumer demands. This is the foundation on which Joel has built Lone Drone Solutions. Projects are always executed safely and professionally, leaving clients feeling truly valued, educated and involved during every phase of work.



Jonathan Clarke

Operations, Technology/GIS

Jonathan oversees business development, technology and education with LDS and the continuously evolving UAV industry. Being from the U.S., he has spearheaded LDS presence in cross-border markets and is knowledgeable of UAV regulations that are required to perform work outside of Canada.

He understands operational requirements, with particular experience performing aerial surveying/mapping and infrastructural inspections. His technical strengths have helped position LDS with truly proprietary back-end technology. Jonathan has the unique and ever-sought-after balance of being a total people-person with advanced technical know-how.


andrew lds.jpg

Andrew O'Keefe-Markman

Sales, RPAS Pilot Lead

Andrew is a seasoned UAV Pilot with over 100 hours of flight experience. He has flown a variety of aircraft we regularly utilize, and is well-versed in logistical coordination with the appropriate governing bodies that allow our projects to come to fruition. Andrew is also one of our leaders trained in aeronautical radio, alleviating concerns associated with high-density urban and restricted airspace operations.

Andrew is responsible for industrial piloting and data-intensive operations throughout the Ottawa region and beyond. He establishes meaningful relationships with customers while educating them on the benefits of incorporating drone technology into their workflow, beyond pictures and video. Andrew embodies what LDS is all about; service, education and experience.



Daniel Molina

Post-Production, RPAS Pilot Lead

Daniel came to Lone Drone Solutions with a wealth of piloting experience. Having travelled many parts of the world, he has perfected complex maneuvers and produces breathtaking footage. He brings many hours in post-production to LDS, regularly using programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Final Cut among others, and has played an important role in further tapping into markets where primary interests in drones are marketing/advertising focused.

Daniel spearheads sales in Southwestern Ontario as well as internationally, as he is also fluent in Portuguese. From the moment you first work with him, you’ll note his genuine care and passion for your project needs. We’re thrilled to have such a friendly, dedicated and talented UAV professional on the LDS roster.


Shane Elsey

Sales, RPAS Pilot Lead

Shane lives and breathes creativity and art, having explored the world to pursue his passion of photography. With over 20 years of photography experience , Shane takes great pride in capturing the true style and spirit of his subjects. Through engaging and listening to his clients he has captured beautifully, detailed timeless images while creating a joyful relaxed atmosphere.

Shane translates his keen eye for collecting unparalleled content from the ground to the sky. Managing marketing projects and small to large venues, he immerses our tools into the subject matter in a way that pulls the true feelings and experiences from the operation, delivering to clients more than pictures and videos.


We have a number of additional RPAS pilots to assist with projects of all sizes, and we are always looking for ambitious, experienced and client-focused talent to help us grow. If this sounds like you, please contact us.