Certification & Insurance Details

Each operation requires a Transport Canada (TC) certificate known as an SFOC. Since we've completed many of these, we have been given a standing/blanket SFOC which allows us to operate almost anywhere, anytime. We also have special conditions of our SFOC which other companies likely do not have. Some of which are described below. For further details, contact us

On the insurance side, we carry several policies with coverage amounts significantly higher than industry minimum requirements. These policies not only covers us, but extend to you, the client. They can also cover situations where our client is working for/on behalf of another company/individual, as well as protecting the general public. Further details can be found below, and if you still have questions or concerns, please contact us

Standing SFOC & Advanced RPAS Certificate Holders
  • Complex Standing SFOC holders for two years

  • Advanced RPAS certificate holders (June 1st regulations)

    • Flight Reviewer accreditation with Transport Canada accredited RPAS training centre

  • TC approved Class D restricted airspace operational condition

  • High urban density operational condition

  • Above AGL limit approval on numerous projects

  • CYR 518 retricted airspace operational experience (Niagara Falls/border)

  • CARAC (Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council) stakeholder

  • Certificate available upon request


Insurance Details

  • Comprehensive General Insurance

    • $5+ Million

  • UAV Liability Insurance

    • $2+ Million per UAV

  • Any client can be listed as additionally insured

    • upon request, with minimum notice of 2 business days

  • Copies of policies available upon request

    • upon signing confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement

FAA Part 107 Certified

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